Europe's leading conference about organization design and culture for networked organizations. Radical ideas and actionable practices will empower you to manage and grow your business together.

Why should you care

Relentless waves of disruptive change leave you with two options: Disrupt or be disrupted. Unfortunately most companies are designed to maximize control, predictability, standardization and efficiency.

When you give smart talented people the freedom to create without fear of failure, amazing things happen. Vibrant organizations share a culture where people know what to do when no one's telling them what to do.

Who is this for

CEOs, Managers, and Entrepreneurs who want to lead creative workers and build an organization more responsive to an ever changing world.

Creative workers who want to be the best version of themselves. People who build products that customers love, but also want to manage and grow the organization together.

What will you learn

Organize the work

Make better decisions while facing growing complexity. An organization that is able to grow without becoming more bureaucratic.

Managers that become enablers of self-managing teams. A culture that promotes individual freedom, self-development and mastery.

Unleash the people

An organization where people are able to pursue their passions, choose their work,experiment with new ideas, challenge conventional thinking and even elect their own leaders.

Disrupt the market

Ride the technology wave by building products that evolve and become aplatform for the world

fail fast and often culture that is able to balance short term agility with long-term objectives.

When you give smart talented people
the freedom to create without fear of failure,
amazing things happen!