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Our economy, environment and society are changing rapidly.
What exactly are we transitioning to? What direction would we like to go in? What would this mean for organizations and humans? 


As the next Dare Festival comes closer there will be many ways to get involved as a volunteer, partner or program contributor. 

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- A disruptive program -

Entrepreneurs, social innovators and grassroots activists from across world
are gathering to share their story and explore future movements.


Collaborative Economy

Horizontal networks and community participation built on distributed power and trust are blurring the lines between consumer and producer, disrupting and transforming our organizations and society. 

#holacracy #openknowledge #p2p #makers #crowdfunding #sharing 

Networked Organizations

Organizations where people are able to pursue their passions, choose their work, experiment with new ideas, challenge conventional thinking and even elect their own leaders. Culture that promotes freedom and mastery.

#complexity #culture #leadership #agile #selforganizing #flathierarchy 


Upgrade your day and improve your performance and wellbeing with biological and technological tools. Measure, quantify and understand yourself in order to be the best version of yourself.

#biohacking #neuroscience #bigdata #cognition #lifehacking #happiness

Join the movement

We love to welcome you to be part of our community on DareTalk. Start a discussion, share personal insights and meet like-minded people. 

A playful collaborative experience

A rich experience, mixing playful with serious and theoretical with practical.
You will return empowered to make a difference.


Get inspired. A glimpse into the future. Immerse yourself in radical new ways of thinking.


Get your hands dirty. The best way to learn is by doing. Playful but serious. Radical but actionable.


Make a difference. Group thinking to produce tangible outcome for our most pressing challenges.

Our values

We are family. Inclusive to all. Our food is local sourced and our coffee, teas and wines are organic and fair trade. We value transport and housing through peer-to-peer services. Love the little details. Fun guaranteed.