Once a year Darefest brings together communities from a wide range of disciplines in a groundbreaking format. Through creative collaboration and cooperation we design a community platform to thrive, share, and engage with a larger audience.



What is expected from a curator?

As a community leader or passionate member you help curate one or more challenges, invite awesome speakers, curate submitted sessions, and get your community involved. 

Do I get paid as a curator?

Yes - Darefest has a Merit Money program for all its contributors

How many days do I need to fill?

From 0.5 day up to 3 days.

How much space do I have?

Our flexible structure allows us to scale very easy. Together, we figure out what the best venue setup is for the defined format and duration.

How does the collaboration process work?

As a curator you will get your own Trello board to keep track of the curation progress. There will be regular online and in-person moments. We use Slack for communication. You can use our Facebook group and mailing to get feedback from our community.

Can I provide my community with ticket discounts?

Yes - Your community get a 10% discount on all tickets. A discount code will be provided. A list with community members who attended Darefest will be provided after Darefest.