STAGE / DESIGN matters

Design aligns humans and technology, it aligns business and engineering, it aligns digital and physical, and it aligns business needs and user needs. Design is no longer an afterthought but now an essential part of a product. Design is transforming the way things are to the way they ought to be. Read article





Design! Fundamentals - From prototyping for connected devices, voice design and natural dialogue models for human-computer interaction, designing secure experiences, and UX for the Internet of Things, user research, information architecture, conversion and performance, and platform design, take your skills to the next level with actionable tools and methods.

Design! Business - From design leadership, scaling up your design process and creative output, improving the creative dialogue between stakeholders, to building small teams with big impact. Learn how to enable design to play a crucial role in your organization's success.

Design! Devices - Connected devices, wearables, machines, voice and text assistants, to the Internet of Things and smart spaces, requires designers to completely rethink interfaces. This represents a bigger change for designers than iterations from print to web to mobile. Learn everything you need to know about your new role and responsibilities.

Design! Impact - Design transforms the way things are to the way they ought to be. Learn how to use design to solve usability and communication issues in the social space at scale and have a positive social impact in such areas like education, healthcare, sustainability and government.