What happens when fashion meets technology? How will people experience fashion in a digital world? Will digital collections replace the catwalk? What is the new role of fashion? How can smart fabrics and embedded sensors support athletes and disabled people? Could a virtual design process make fashion more sustainable? Will fashion become more democratized?

Fashion is a standalone conference within Dare Festival.
Each conference has its own problem space, tracks, speakers, and learning experience.





Experience - From memory mirrors to feedback selfies to intelligent personal shoppers. How will people experience fashion in a digital world? 

Process - How do you design a collection without using or wasting any fabric during the process? Could the catwalk be replaced by digital collections? How can we digitize fabrics and make the design process virtual.

Material - How can we embed smart fabrics and sensors? How will tech influence fashion and how will fashion influence tech? How could it support athletes or disabled people? What is the new role of fashion?

Retail -  From virtual dressing rooms, augmented fitting, mass customization and 3D printing, beacons, virtual reality, to digitized fabrics. How will fashion become more real-time?

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