what to expect

How will technology help us live healthier and longer lives? Join the leading HealthTech gathering where industry giants, disruptive startups, biohackers, investors and innovators meet to redefine personal health and healthcare.

Real-time and Self-diagnosing

Can online diagnosis be completely accurate? Can we trust on-demand services? Future role of doctors?

Health Data and Experiments

Should health data be public? How accurate is personalised medicine? What's the future of biohacking?

Wearables and Monitoring

How can wearables improve elderly care? Why should we monitor our sleep? Should we be monitored 24/7?

Robotics and VR

Whom can we trust more, robots or humans? How can VR treat mental illness, trauma, and rehabilitation?

Nutrition and Life Hacks

Does upgraded food get the best out of nature? Which nutrition increases concentration? What about life hacks?

Deceases and Epidemics

How can tech prevent the spread of epidemics? Can AI and Deep Learning help us better understand deceases?