Human+ Tracks

Human+ is a standalone conference within Dare Festival.
Each conference has its own problem space, tracks, speakers, and learning experience.



Quantified Self


Transhumanism - aims to transform the human condition, the evolution of intelligent life, beyond its current human form and limitations by means of science and technology guided by life-promoting principles and values.

Biohacking - studies biology and life science using the same methods as traditional institutions but focussed on running small quantitative experiments on themselves optimizing their health and performance.

Quantified Self - incorporates technology such as wearable sensors to turn a person’s daily life into data and data into insights. Where Biohacking focuses on small quantitative experiments, Quantified Self relies on long-term qualitative insights.

Nutrition - Nowadays, food is not just a necessity that keeps us alive, but it is also a tool to maintain our health and increase our concentration in stressing and dynamic lifestyles. Upgraded Food is engineered to get the best out of nature.