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Money is a standalone conference within Dare Festival.
Each conference has its own problem space, tracks, speakers, and learning experience.

coin & crypto


personal finance

risk & legal

Coin & Crypto - Cryptocurrency is more than just another currency, it's programmable, decentralized and still trusted. The money itself is the contract. It enables a wide range of business models because the underlying of block chains can enforce policies. When will bitcoin become mainstream? What are the advantages and how will blockchain technology transform the industry?

Payments - Shopping is changing faster than ever before thanks to omnichannel experiences, digital marketplaces and rich contextual data. What will the payments landscape look like? What about those in developing countries who don't have a bank account? How will wearables impact the future of mobile payments? What are the benefits of a cashless society?

Personal Finance - Big data and predictive analysis will unlock new insights and empower the customer with a better and personalized experience. How will people move and manage money in the future? Will P2P lending become another income stream alongside stocks? What's the future of local branches? Will the ATM become obsolete? How can we send everything everywhere? What if trading becomes free? What are the key personal finance questions we need to be solving?

Risk & Legal  - New models mean new regulation. Fraud and other cybercrime are a big issue. How do we even know what to look for? How secure are transactions when devices are everywhere and connected all the time? WHat are the new tools for catching crooks? What's the future of digital identification? Will biometrics go mainstream? How do you manage regulation and compliance when innovation happens in areas of ambiguity? Should consumers trust banks to use their data in an ethical and legal manner?